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Alba: 'I Want To Be Tough, Not Beautiful'

9th November 2007

Hollywood beauty JESSICA ALBA is desperate to shed her sexy image, because she'd rather be known for her tough-girl attitude. The 26-year-old actress admits she would prefer to win a man's heart with her fists...

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The Things They Say 6072

6th November 2007

"I went to clubs when I was 15 and was over it by 18. I didn't have a big clubbing phase, but I definitely went out once or twice a week. Now, I'm like, 'Game...

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Alba 'Fed Up' With Blockbuster Roles

2nd November 2007

Actress JESSICA ALBA regrets accepting blockbuster movie roles and vows to dedicate her time to more "meaningful" film parts. The Fantastic Four star is fed up of competing for the best parts in Hollywood and...

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The Things They Say 6005

31st October 2007

"Making lots of money has made me happy. No-one else has helped me. I've done this all myself, on my own terms." JESSICA ALBA enjoys being an independent woman.

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Alba: 'I Will Never Go Nude'

30th October 2007

Hollywood sex symbol JESSICA ALBA will "never" go nude for a film - because her Catholic roots prevent her. Alba believes it is important to abide by her strict religious beliefs - even if it...

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The Things They Say 5859

15th October 2007

"ANGELINA JOLIE does nothing for me... I'll just stick with JESSICA ALBA." X-MEN star JAMES MARSDEN reveals a crush for FANTASIC FOUR's Invisible Woman....

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The Things They Say 5771

4th October 2007

"I get all squirmy and giggly. I never know what to say. My mouth gets dry and my heart beats fast. I get completely stupid." JESSICA ALBA is a nervous wreck when she has a...

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Hollywood Star Happy To Lose Hair For Career

2nd October 2007

Hollywood beauty JESSICA ALBA is willing to get fat and shave off her luscious long locks for the right film role. The 26-year-old is desperate to make a mark in more hard-hitting films, even if...

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Resident Evil Sequel Top Of Us Box Office

24th September 2007

The third film in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil: Extinction, has topped the US box office with takings of $24 million (11.83 million) in its opening weekend.The action adventure, which sees Milla Jovovich battle...

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Cook + Alba Get A Day In Knoxville

22nd September 2007

Knoxville, Tennessee Mayor BILL HASLAM proclaimed Tuesday (18Sep07) JESSICA ALBA + DANE COOK Day as the two stars of new movie GOOD LUCK CHUCK arrived in town to raise a small fortune for a local...

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Movie Reviews: Good Luck Chuck

21st September 2007

This is the time of year when Hollywood dumps the worst it has to offer on multiplexes, confident that not many people will visit them anyway. Judging from critics' reviews, this year is no exception....

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Alba Teaches Degeneres How To Walk

20th September 2007

Comedienne ELLEN DeGENERES has commissioned JESSICA ALBA to help develop her walk after learning the actress has the world's sexiest stroll. British experts claim Alba has the "perfect walk" after conducting a scientific study based...

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The Things They Say 5671

20th September 2007

"They loved me. I think I'm kind of a penguin whisperer." The penguin stars of JESSICA ALBA's new film GOOD LUCK CHUCK liked the sexy actress....

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Clooney + Alba Top Singles' Dating Poll

20th September 2007

GEORGE CLOONEY and JESSICA ALBA are the stars most U.S. singles would like to date, according to a new survey. In a poll conducted by Yahoo! Personals, singles were asked which celebrity male and female...

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The Things They Say 5668

19th September 2007

"They poo a lot. It's not the best-smelling job." JESSICA ALBA couldn't imagine becoming a penguin wrangler. She plays one in her new movie GOOD LUCK CHUCK....

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Alba Loses A Tooth In Kissing Scene

19th September 2007

JESSICA ALBA has lost her perfectly sexy look after chipping a tooth during a kissing scene in her new movie. The actress admits she and Good Luck Chuck co-star Dane Cook went too far with...

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Alba's Love Rival Comes Forward

13th September 2007

JESSICA ALBA's on/off boyfriend CASH WARREN has threatened to sue U.S. tabloid the National Enquirer over a scandalous expose which claims he cheated on the sexy actress with a Russian model. Just weeks after Warren...

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Alba's Secret Vice

12th September 2007

Hollywood beauty JESSICA ALBA has confessed to a secret vice - she loves to down bottles of whisky. The Fantastic Four actress is such a fan of the spirit she berates collectors of the...

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The Things They Say 5540

10th September 2007

"I don't have a MySpace thingy. I don't know how to work a computer that well." Actress JESSICA ALBA doesn't spend much time online....

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Alba Has Last Laugh Over School Crush

27th August 2007

Hollywood beauty JESSICA ALBA has had the last laugh over a boy who turned her down at school - she dedicated her recent Female Hottie award to him. The stunning actress picked up the award...

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Alba And Warren: Back On?

24th August 2007

JESSICA ALBA's on/off romance with CASH WARREN appears to be back on, after the couple were photographed snuggling on a California beach. The Fantastic Four beauty, 26, and director's assistant, 28, were alleged to have...

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Timberlake Hooks Up With Myers

23rd August 2007

Pop star Justin Timberlake has signed up to feature in a new comedy film with Shrek co-star Mike Myers.Called The Love Guru, Timberlake and Myers will be joined by Fantastic Four star Jessica Alba and...

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Fascinating Fact 3724

9th August 2007

Comedian MIKE MYERS is teaming up with his AUSTIN POWERS castmate VERNE TROYER and JESSICA ALBA for new movie THE LOVE GURU, which Myers also wrote....

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Alba's Relationship Ruined By Marriage Differences, Say Pals

30th July 2007

JESSICA ALBA split with CASH WARREN because he was terrified of commitment, according to the pair's pals. The actress reportedly ended her two-year relationship with the production assistant last week (begs22Jul07), after months denying the...

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Comic-con Is A Sell Out

30th July 2007

San Diego, California's annual comic book convention, Comic-Con, has completely sold out for the first time in its 38-year history. Buoyed by appearances from JESSICA ALBA and by exclusive screenings of projects like the new...

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Alba's 'No Sex' Vow

27th July 2007

Hollywood beauty JESSICA ALBA is putting an end to her raunchy reputation - she's vowed never to disrobe on camera. The newly-single actress is renowned for her role as sexy stripper Nancy Callahan in 2005's...

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No More Cash For Alba?

25th July 2007

Sexy JESSICA ALBA is single again after reportedly splitting from longtime boyfriend CASH WARREN. The actress split from her beau by phone recently while promoting new film Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer in...

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Versace Remembered With Ballet

16th July 2007

Supermodels CLAUDIA SCHIFFER and NAOMI CAMPBELL and actress JESSICA ALBA were among stars who paid tribute to late fashion icon GIANNI VERSACE at a special ballet. The Sunday (15Jul07) show, which marked the tenth anniversary...

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Alba's Parental Relationship Strained By Engagement

11th July 2007

JESSICA ALBA's relationship with her parents was incredibly strained when she became engaged to her Dark Angel co-star at the tender age of 20. Alba found love with Michael Weatherly on the set of the...

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Alba Appeals For Porn Mags

6th July 2007

Movie beauty JESSICA ALBA has stunned her teen fans by appealing for more male nudity in women's magazines. The 26-year-old FANTASTIC FOUR actress is disgusted by the inequality between gender-targetted publications, and is leading a...

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