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Jesse Ventura Blasts American Sniper

Jesse Ventura Clint Eastwood Seal

Actor and politician Jesse Ventura has blasted Clint Eastwood's controversial new movie American Sniper, insisting it's nothing but a piece of fiction.

Ventura, who won a $1.8 million (£1.2 million) defamation suit against the estate of the film's subject, late Navy Seal Chris Kyle, last year (14), is not a fan of the movie.

The former Minnesota Governor and Navy Seal, who took offence to Kyle's false claims he had beaten up the ex-wrestler, tells the Associated Press, "A hero must be honourable, must have honour. And you can't have honour if you're a liar. There is no honour in lying.

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American Sniper: Why Chris Kyle's Wife Faces $1.4 Million Bill

Bradley Cooper Jesse Ventura

Clint Eastwood's Oscar-nominated drama American Sniper may have taken $150 million to date at the box-office, though the wife of Chris Kyle - the movie's subject - is facing a bill of nearly $1.345 million for "unjust enrichment" of her late husband's multi-million dollar estate.

American SniperBradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle in Clint Eastwood's Oscar-nomnated drama

Played by Sienna Miller in the movie, Taya Kyle has been left with the lofty bill after a court granted it to Jesse Ventura - a former governor of Minnesota and professional wrestler - in a defamation case.

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Jesse Ventura To Run For Vice President?

Jesse Ventura Good Morning America Piers Morgan Dick Cheney Sarah Palin Barack Obama

Jesse Ventura's publicist has confirmed that the 59-year-old former professional wrestler is considering entering the race for the 2012 Presidential elections as Ron Paul's running mate, reports Fox News.

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Jesse Ventura Predicts Palin Will Win Presidential Race

Jesse Ventura Sarah Palin CNN Piers Morgan Barack Obama Johnny Knoxville

Jesse Ventura, the former WWF wrestler turned Governor of Minnesota, predicts Sarah Palin will emerge victorious in the Republican presidential nominations, reports CNN.

Appearing as a guest on Piers Morgan's 'Tonight' show, Ventura discussed conspiracy theories, foreign policy and his possible return to politics. After the show, the 66-year-old gave a separate interview during which he predicted Sarah Palin will be the women to go head-to-head with President Barack Obama in 2012, saying, "They're grooming her for it, she's got a TV show. It seems that elections today are more popularity than they are substantial issues. She's the type of person that certainly will be controlled by the status quo and the power structure. So she'd make a perfect candidate for them, she'll do what she's told". On his interview with Morgan, Ventura was impressed by the British journalist's line of questioning, saying, "He's tough, he's a button pusher. I know now why Cnn hired him, because he can definitely get you stirred up, as he did me".

In recent years, Jesse Ventura has made the foray into acting and starred as a self-help guru in the Johnny Knoxville movie 'The Ringer'. He went on to feature in an episode of 'The X Files' and more recently appeared in the independent comedy 'Woodshop', which was released in September 2010.

Bill O'reilly Reacts To The View Walk Out

Bill O'Reilly Whoopi Goldberg Joy Behar Jesse Ventura

Bill O'Reilly used a segment on his show 'The O'Reilly Factor' yesterday (14th October 2010) to explain the explosive argument he had with Whoopi Goldberg on a recent airing of 'The View', reports Entertainment Weekly. O'Reilly showed the video of the moment when Goldberg and Joy Behar walked off the talk show set after taking exception to comments he made about Muslims.

During a fiery debate, O'Reilly discussed how 'Muslims' had attacked America on September 11th, and Goldberg became insulted that the 61-year-old had not used the phrase 'Muslim extremists', leading to her walking off the set. Later in the show, O'Reilly told Behar, "Listen to me because you'll learn", but he played down the incident on his own show, saying, "She was yapping so I had to get her attention. I am often offensive, I think everyone knows that". He defended his comments about the 9/11 attacks by saying, "Did we say, in World War II, 'We were attacked by "Japanese extremists"? No: we said we were attacked by 'Japanese."

68-year-old Behar also spoke about the incident on her 'Headline News' show, saying, "I thought he was saying something that I construe as hate speech, frankly". Behar was joined in the studio by the former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura, who called O'Reilly, "a spineless puke."

Ventura Was Rolling Stones Bodyguard

Jesse Ventura Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood Keith Richards

Wrestler and entertainer-turned-politician Jesse Ventura once worked as a bodyguard to the Rolling Stones - and witnessed one of Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards' most embarrassing druggie moments.

The former Minnesota Governor led the band's security detail when they came through his home city Minneapolis in 1978 and 1981 and he still chuckles about one on-the-road tale.

He tells, "Keith and Woody were in the dressing room and their manager burst in and said, 'The police are here.' Keith said, 'Wood and I are flushing everything down the toilet,' and 30 seconds later in walks Stewart Copeland and Sting!'"

But Ventura insists his hero Richards' reputation as a drugged-up rocker is not accurate.

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Eric Braeden Is Honored With The 2,342nd Star On The Walk Of Fame On Hollywood Blvd.

Jesse Ventura - Friday 20th July 2007 at Walk Of Fame Hollywood, California

Jesse Ventura
Jesse Ventura
Jesse Ventura
Jesse Ventura
Jesse Ventura
Jesse Ventura

The Running Man Review

Very Good
Game/reality shows have already entered the realm of the grotesque with people eating cow stomachs on Fear Factor, getting verbally castrated by Simon Cowell and company on American Idol, and tolerating Donald Trump's presence on The Apprentice. Seeing people actually hunted down by killers seems like the next logical step. And we have a movie for a template!

That movie is The Running Man, the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger action vehicle that resembles a lot of the Governator's best work: He kills people by the dozens, says some funny puns in that fist-thick Austrian accent and tags along with a hot exotic beauty. If that formula works for you, read on.

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Predator Review

The scariest thing about Predator is that its lead actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is currently serving as governor of California. I'm not questioning Schwarzenegger's leadership or intellectual abilities, but it does worry me that the he-man who, in this movie, swings from trees, rolls in mud, and mumbles lines like, "If it bleeds, we can kill it," is leading the most populous state in the country. Beyond Schwarzenegger's startling career change, Predator offers little else that's remotely frightening. Unless you are still sucking your thumbs and cuddling with teddy bears, Predator offers only laughs, not chills. If you're mature enough to cross the street by yourself, you're far too mature to find Predator scary.

Yet, Predator does exhibit a few morsels of potential. Given the effective atmosphere and pacing of the film, it is evident that more capable minds could have molded this thriller into an ageless, unrelenting struggle between man and beast. Unfortunately, instead of penning a daring, original plot, writers Jim Thomas and John Thomas recycle formulas from movies like Rambo and Alien. It goes without saying that Predator brings nothing new to the table, and lacks both surprise and suspense.

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Six Days In Roswell Review

Very Good
I am not normally one to sit around watching documentaries. But this weekend I was bored with nothing else to do, so I popped in a video cassette someone over at Beatnik Home Entertainment had sent me in the hopes that I'd give them a review. They're in luck.

Six Days in Roswell is a documentary that follows the exploits of a thirty-something-year-old loser, Richard Kronfeld, who journeys to Roswell, New Mexico on the 50th anniversary of the supposed UFO landing there. In short, this is a film about a socially inept dork going to visit a town flooded with socially inept dorks doing the dorkiest, most socially inept things imaginable.

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Stuck On You Review


When Walt Tenor (Greg Kinnear) decides he wants to become an actor, he tries to convince his twin brother Bob (Matt Damon) -- his conjoined twin brother -- to move out to Hollywood with him by saying, "You could be my stunt double!"

Yes folks, "Stuck On You" is another cheeky comedy of good humor and questionable taste from the Farrelly Brothers ("Kingpin," "There's Something About Mary" and "Shallow Hal"), and yes, folks, they get a surprising amount of mileage out of jokes like that one -- rim-shot-quality punchlines given winkingly ironic sparkle by the wily writing-directing team's laughing-with-not-laughing-at sensibilities.

There's the scene in which Walt walks his shy sibling over to a pretty blonde in a bar, then takes over the seduction himself when Bob blows it -- and ends up bringing the girl home (Bob tries to ignore their moaning from the other side of a makeshift curtain). There's Walt's "one-man" stage show about Truman Capote, in which Bob tries to slouch as inconspicuously as possible behind Walt's back.

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Predator Movie Review

Predator Movie Review

The scariest thing about Predator is that its lead actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is currently serving...

Six Days in Roswell Movie Review

Six Days in Roswell Movie Review

I am not normally one to sit around watching documentaries. But this weekend I...

Stuck On You Movie Review

Stuck On You Movie Review

When Walt Tenor (Greg Kinnear) decides he wants to become an actor, he tries to...

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