Review of Wendy Single by Jesse Malin

Jesse Malin - Wendy

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Jesse Malin - Wendy - Reviewed
This is the second single to be taken from Jesse Malin's magnificent debut solo album 'The Fine Art Of Self Destruction', which was recorded in six days with Ryan Adams on production duties. The result is capable of withstanding comparison to the rock legends (The Clash, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones) whose influence Malin successfully incorporates on the album.

Wendy has become a blistering highlight of Malin's live set and because much of the album was recorded 'as live' the immediacy and passion of the track is captured perfectly. The lyrics, which detail a particular heartbreak, are sung with a deliciously frazzled vocal and contrast beautifully with the punk energy of the power pop chords.

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The bonus tracks included on the single are an acoustic, understated, and emotional rendition of The Clash's 'Death or Glory'. This is another live favourite, which serves as a tribute to the late great Joe Strummer. The final song, 'The 3 Martini Lunch' is a piano driven ballad drenched lyrically with yearning and disappointment.

All three tracks can only contribute positively to spreading the word about Jesse Malin, but forget about the single if you haven't yet bought 'The Fine Art Of Self Destruction', that is the truly essential purchase.

Gavin Eves