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Jerry Lewis Fires Publicist

21st August 2007

JERRY LEWIS has fired his publicist RICK SAPHIRE after he allegedly demanded $20,000 (GBP10,000) from the media to interview the legendary funnyman. The King Of Comedy star, 81, was furious when Saphire allegedly told Newsweek...

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Lewis: 'I Thought Heart Attack Would Kill Me'

10th July 2007

Legendary comedian JERRY LEWIS was convinced he was going to die when he suffered a second heart attack last year (06). The 81-year-old, who had his first heart attack in the 1980s, feared he'd never...

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Kramer's Widow Plans Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Sequel

10th January 2007

The widow of the late STANLEY KRAMER is bringing the director's cult comedy IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD back to the big screen, and she wants GEORGE CLOONEY and DONALD TRUMP to join...

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Schwartzman's Fischer Tops Movie Nerd List

9th January 2007

JASON SCHWARTZMAN's portrayal of MAX FISCHER in cult movie RUSHMORE has topped a new poll to find the greatest film nerd. Fischer beat ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL's FARMER TED in 1984's SIXTEEN CANDLES and JERRY LEWIS'...

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Lewis Telethon Breaks Record

5th September 2006

Veteran funnyman JERRY LEWIS' 41st annual Labour Day holiday telethon has raised a record $61 million (GBP33.9 million) for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Contributions sent in during the mammoth event in Las Vegas beat last...

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Lewis' Telethon Raises Record Amount

5th September 2006

Comedian JERRY LEWIS' annual Labor Day telethon for muscular dystrophy raised a record $61 million (GBP34 million) in contributions and pledges over the US holiday weekend (ends04SEP06). The telethon returned to Las Vegas, Nevada after...

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Lewis Attacks Gibson

4th September 2006

JERRY LEWIS has taken a swipe at MEL GIBSON over the anti-Semitic comments he made when he was arrested for alleged drink-driving in July (06). Gibson was forced to publicly apologise after it emerged he...

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Lewis Sues Over Errand Boy

8th August 2006

Comedian JERRY LEWIS is suing two entertainment companies over claims he's owed money for a proposed remake of his movie THE ERRAND BOY. The funnyman is demanding $2.3 million (GBP1.207 million) from Spyglass Entertainment Group...

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Sinatra Biographers Uncover Truth About Mafia Ties

27th July 2006

FRANK SINATRA biographers ANTHONY SUMMERS and ROBBYN SWAN have unearthed new evidence linking the late crooner to the Mafia, thanks to the confession of a dying mob boss. The husband-and-wife team published SINATRA: THE LIFE...

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Paltrow 'Recording With Orbit'

27th June 2006

Oscar-winning actress GWYNETH PALTROW has reportedly recorded a series of tracks with producer WILLIAM ORBIT. British newspaper The Sun reports Paltrow - who sang in the 2000 flop movie DUETS - has been writing and...

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Jerry Lewis Released From Hospital

22nd June 2006

LATEST: Comedian JERRY LEWIS has been released from hospital after his heart attack scare earlier this month (11JUN06) and is now recovering on his yacht in a San Diego, California harbour. The beloved funnyman spent...

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Lewis Back At Work After Heart Surgery

20th June 2006

LATEST: Beloved Hollywood funnyman JERRY LEWIS has returned to work just days after undergoing heart surgery. The 80-year-old suffered a minor heart attack on 11 June (06) and subsequently had an operation to re-open the...

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Jerry Lewis To Undergo Angioplasty

17th June 2006

LATEST: Beloved US funnyman JERRY LEWIS is to undergo heart surgery in an effort to re-open the same arteries involved in his double bypass two decades ago. The 80-year-old comedian suffered a heart attack last...

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Lewis In Heart Attack Air Scare

14th June 2006

Veteran US funnyman JERRY LEWIS is recovering in a San Diego, California hospital after suffering a heart attack on an airplane on Sunday (11JUN06). The 80-year-old fell ill at the end of a cross-country commercial...

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Lewis To Direct Nutty Professor Musical

7th June 2006

Veteran comedian JERRY LEWIS is directing a new musical based on this 1963 film THE NUTTY PROFESSOR. The 80-year-old will not perform in the show, but will produce and direct the play, which he plans...

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Martin's Jealousy Over Lewis' Laughs

2nd June 2006

Late singer/comedian DEAN MARTIN struggled to contain feelings of jealousy and self-doubt during his time as a comedy duo with JERRY LEWIS. THE KING OF COMEDY funnyman Lewis, 80, has opened up about his rocky...

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Lewis Devastated By Martin 'Memory Loss' Over No-show

2nd June 2006

Comedy legend JERRY LEWIS was devastated when his late partner DEAN MARTIN failed to turn up at a charity gala, which had been specially organised to repay a creditor. Lewis and Martin agreed to perform...

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Mccarthy Dodges Carrey Questions

31st May 2006

JENNY MCCARTHY uncomfortably dodged questions today (31MAY06) when she was asked about her new relationship with comedian JIM CARREY while appearing on US talk show THE VIEW. The pin-up, who is known for candidly discussing...

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Lewis To Play Homeless Pensioner

4th April 2006

Veteran funnyman JERRY LEWIS is planning to get serious to play a homeless pensioner in hit TV series LAW + ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT. The 80-year-old will play cast regular RICHARD BELZER's uncle in an...

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Lewis Receives Legion Of Honour

16th March 2006

American comedian JERRY LEWIS was made a Commander Of The Legion Of Honour in Paris, France, today (16MAR06) to coincide with his 80th birthday. The KING OF COMEDY star broke convention by wearing a pair...

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Spartacus Star Stone Dies At 92

21st November 2005

Movie veteran HAROLD STONE has died of natural causes in a Woodlands Hills, California hospital. He was 92. The actor is most famous for starring roles in ALFRED HITCHCOCK's THE WRONG MAN and biblical...

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Deadwood Wins Shoot-out At The Creative Arts Emmys

12th September 2005

Hard-hitting western drama DEADWOOD was the big winner at the 2005 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards last night (11SEP05) when it swept hit show LOST and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES away to claim five honours. The...

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Lewis' Telethon A Success Yet Again

7th September 2005

JERRY LEWIS is celebrating another success, after learning his 40th annual LABOR DAY TELETHON for muscular dystrophy raised $54.9 million (GBP30.5 million) in contributions and pledges. Approximately $2 million (GBP1.1 million) is expected to...

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Fascinating Fact 118

1st September 2005

CELINE DION, ELTON JOHN, LORETTA LYNN and GEORGE CLINTON are among the stars scheduled to perform at comedian JERRY LEWIS' 40th annual TV telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The eight-hour marathon of performances and...

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Lewis Receives Governors Honour

27th July 2005

American comedian JERRY LEWIS is being awarded the prestigious Governors Award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for his extensive charity work. The 70-year-old star - best known for his comedy partnership...

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Lewis: 'Sinatra Was A Mafia Courier'

4th May 2005

Late superstar FRANK SINATRA managed to escape arrest with a briefcase containing $3.5 million (GBP1.8 million) in cash during his brief serving as a mafia courier, according to celebrity pal JERRY LEWIS. In the...

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Sideways Triumphs At Los Angeles Ceremony

13th December 2004

Road trip comedy SIDEWAYS triumphed on both of America's coastlines on Saturday (11DEC04), when it was named Best Film by the LOS ANGELES FILM CRITICS ASSOCIATION and the NEW YORK FILM CRITICS ONLINE. The...

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Foxx's Ray Gets Another Oscars Boost

12th December 2004

JAMIE FOXX's acclaimed RAY CHARLES biopic has been given yet another OSCAR boost with a string of nominations for the upcoming SATELLITE AWARDS. The film is among the nominees for Best Motion Picture, TAYLOR...

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Lewis Praises Martin's Daughter For Tell-all Book

5th November 2004

Comic JERRY LEWIS has praised his former partner DEAN MARTIN's daughter for telling the truth in her new book - and revealing the late crooner was a terrible father. DEANA MARTIN has come under...

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Walken: Acting Is My Life

10th October 2004

OSCAR-winning screen veteran CHRISTOPHER WALKEN is still as hungry for his trade as he ever was - because it gives him something to look forward to. The 61-year-old KING OF NEW YORK star loves...

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