If you grew up in the 1970s and early '80s and were allowed to wallow in the guilty pleasures of Saturday morning cartoons, you remember Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. It had fantastic characters - the aptly-named Mushmouth, hat-faced Dumb Donald, pint-sized "You're like school on Saturday" Russell, and - of course - the jolly main man himself. These guys had wacky voices spouting colorful, funny dialogue. And, as the funk-tastic theme song stated, if you weren't careful, "you might just learn something" from its feel-good storylines.

So, when I first heard Hollywood was remaking Fat Albert, I had high hopes for this live-action version of one of my favorite old-school cartoons. Maybe, just maybe, it could be a clever, slightly-edgy spoof a la The Brady Bunch Movie. Sadly, Fat Albert turns out to be just a bloated and feeble after-school special that's even too sappy for kids.

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