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Posted 5 years 8 months ago by i love you

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hey jermaine i wanna ash u something how are micheal,s kids doing how is ur family nd ur wife nd kids i wanna meet you someday soon im 18

Posted 5 years 9 months ago by ladyr3d

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Words can't express my emotions concerning the death of your brother Michael Jackson! I thank God that I was given the honor of growing up on his music! It was truly a influence to me!I have an handicapped son who loves his music and his dance moves! We were given the honor of meeting Janet Jackson (your sister)along side of 3 other families through Make Wish Foundations! At that time our request was for my son to meet Michael Jackson but he was on tour & very busy at that time! I've always loved your sister Janet Jackson music; I also knew that my son loved her also! So when we were able to make the request in meeting her because of Michael schedule we all were delighted! Thank you Make A Wish & also thank you Janet Jackson for that incredible event in LA which will remain an long lasting memory of my family from 1999!She was beautiful and had an uplifting spirit that moved me, my mother and especially Bobby! She only had to call him once & he almost knocked me off my seat....So people don't understand why so many are in grief along aside of your family! With me its the gift of Janet Jackson showing compassion, caring, love & just knowing that others like Janet Jackson are there in reaching out to others!This is what my family felt meeting your sister Ms Janet Jackson! She showed love towards all of the families, compassion for the medical conditions that our family members are dealing with, love from what other felt within her presence & truly knowing that people outside our world do make a difference by just meeting, talking to other in acknowledging they are there for us thats not part of the glamorous life!But Jermaine Jackson believe it or not! My son's middle name after U! His name is Bobby Jermaine! My youngest brother in GA give that honor in naming him after you! True story! Don't Worry Jermaine Jackson is Not The Father...But you stay strong because you have to hold up the victory from the bloodstained battle! You know what I mean...No, God chooses who need rest & who to leave to make sure things get in order! Never think that it should've been you as far as your brother leaving you so unexpected!You didn't know & his problems & they weren't yours! It was his! I stated this with all the caring in the world for Michael Jackson! So stay strong because you're still here to be an blessing to the other family members that still have an ways to go for grieving for this love one whom is truly missed!Bless you, truly the kids, your parents & other family members!In God We Trust...

Posted 5 years 9 months ago by jene

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Jermaine, Can and will you write to me as I'd like to ask you a question. It's very important to me and I think Michael would of been kind enough to listen to me anway. Thank you, DM

Posted 5 years 10 months ago by Mj supporter

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Yep, the Jackson family as a whole are the biggest liars ever. They lie about when the sun comes up. Let's clear something up sundayroberts1, Michael Pedophile Jackson has no new songs out as of this date, March 12, 2006. So you just lied your ašš off. You must be an MJ fan because they're all big liars too.Where's the Katrina single? Not here yet? Again? Recheduled for release next month - again? Why? What's the next excuse going to be, MJ's pregnant and having a baby? He's just about run out of normal excuses. Just like he lied about the 9/11 single, hunh?Jermaine is the liar who started this whole mess. He's broke, $5 million in debt to the IRS, and his career is totally in the crapper. He was leaching off his pedophile brother, and that free ride is over, forever. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Now the tapes are "doctored". WAAHAHAHABWAHAHAHA!!!! That's a typical MJ fan excuse. If you idiots saw MJ buttfücking a sheep, you'd make excuses that the sheep seduced him. I tell ya, you f'loons are almost as much entertainment as the Jacko family. Every single one of you nutjobs should be locked up in the

Posted 9 years 2 months ago by faggotjackson

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It's pretty funny when the Jacko family members turn on each other. A few years ago, LaToya tried to tell what she knew about her perverted brother Jacko. The family rallied, shut her up, and the "B" movie continued on.Now, Jermaine wants to out Jacko. I imagine he knows just as much as LaToya, maybe more. The loyal mob of Jacko fans is nervous. They don't know what to think at this point. Rumors abound on their little chickenkoop websites. They're all over the place with them too. Check this one out for example:"Actually what CJ/Harvey Levin said was somewhat different. He said that with both Prince and Paris "a witch's brew" of sperm from different men (including Michael's) was used."BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! OMG, I just about blew a gasket when I read that one. Maybe Jermaine knows who the real daddy of all those children are. news://

Posted 9 years 2 months ago by faggotjackson

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