Jeremy Renner turned to S.W.A.T. co-star Colin Farrell and acting pal Charlize Theron for fame advice after landing his big break in The Hurt Locker.
Renner shot into the public eye following the release of his hit 2009 film about a bomb disposal expert and since then he's earned much acclaim in Ben Affleck's drama The Town, catapulting him into the celebrity scene.
However, the actor, who is just about to replace Matt Damon in the Bourne action film franchise, admits he was so uncomfortable with the new-found attention, he sought guidance from Irish hunk Farrell and blonde beauty Theron for help in navigating his sudden rise to superstardom.
He tells Details magazine, "Colin had an interesting trajectory. Not too dissimilar to what's been happening to me, but he was much younger. He had five movies come out in one year. He exploded, then sort of imploded.
"One night I was talking with him - mind you, with some drinks in us - and he said, 'I look at it this way; I could f**king always go back to Ireland and drink my f**king Guinness anytime.' I hold onto that."
And laidback Oscar winner Theron also urged Renner to take on a similar, relaxed approach.
He adds, "I had to ask Charlize Theron, a very good friend, about going through an Academy Award campaign for The Hurt Locker. She told me to take it moment by moment. Don't f**king freak out, just have fun."