Jeremy Renner would ''never ever'' play Jason Bourne

The 41-year-old actor portrays government-trained assassin Aaron Cross in of 'The Bourne Legacy' but says he has no interest in taking on the title role in the blockbuster franchise, which was previously played by Matt Damon.

He said: ''I would never ever play Jason Bourne. I don't want to take over someone else's role. You could throw me whatever amount of money and it's still not going to happen. I'm a fan of the Bourne series; I feel that as an actor, I fit into it.''

While he had initial doubts about appearing in the fourth movie of the franchise, the 'Avengers Assemble' actor said the studio's approach helped draw him to the role.

Jeremy said: ''They came to me in a very Bourne-like way. Someone flew out to Germany, where I was shooting another movie. They knocked on my door, handed me a script and said 'when you're done, call this number' I t was very spy-like. So I read it, loved it and thought I'd be an idiot not to do it, so I said yes.''