Jeremy Renner's dog is missing.

The 42-year-old actor was devastated when his French bulldog, Hemi, managed to run out the gates of his Hollywood home near Runyon Canyon after a power failure left them open and has launched a Facebook appeal where he offered a $5,000 reward for his safe return.

A posting on the Facebook page says: ''Hemi got out of his house near Runyon Canyon in L.A., CA 90046 when there was a power failure and the front gate slid open on 7/19/13.

''He was not wearing tags and is not microchipped.

''He does have a hip condition that he needs daily meds for, so he could have a limp or stiffness by now.

''His family immediately put up flyers and canvassed the area (and continues to do so), including passing out handbills at Runyon Canyon and listed him on Craigslist. They are also checking shelters regularly

''A robocall went out to 4,000 people in the area.

''The efforts continue, and we've been so grateful for those followers and friends of Hemi who are working so hard to find him (sic).''

Jeremy also insists there will be ''no questions asked'' if Hemi is returned safely.

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