Jeremy Renner can be an ''inconsiderate'' boyfriend.

The 41-year-old actor is currently single and while he thinks he is a romantic person, he admits he also has some unappealing qualities.

He said: ''It's the inconsistency of my life that makes it difficult.

''I think I'm pretty romantic. I'm quite a thoughtful person. Also inconsiderate, piggish, stubborn.

The 'Bourne Legacy' star is very close to his family and a small group of friends, and says they help keep him grounded.

He added to Britain's Glamour magazine: ''My family is the most important thing to me. And then I have another family here in LA - guys and friends I have known for about 20 years.

''Some of them are actors, some are guys I met who are building houses, all different types.

''And LA is nice to come home to. It's a great place to leave and miss and come back to. The weather is great, the people can be a bit... hmmm.

''But I've got a good core of people here that I love - and that's all that matters.''