Jeremy Piven was stopped by police for using his cell phone while driving this week (beg04Apr11) - and the drama played out on live radio as he was talking to an Australian morning show at the time.
The Entourage star was motoring through Los Angeles on Thursday (07Apr11) as he was speaking to actress/DJ Sophie Monk on Sydney's 2DayFM.
During the call, Piven's car was pulled over by cops who handed him a ticket for talking on his cell phone and the whole incident was heard by listeners Down Under.
Piven told Monk, "You're not going to believe this, there's a cop pulling me over and I'm getting a very large ticket for talking on my cell phone, I'm going to let you guys listen to this..."
He was then heard talking to a police officer, saying, "You know what, I apologise, it's a work-related call and it's not even a good excuse, but I had to pick it up because it's a radio station who's calling..."
But the officer was unimpressed and asked to see his licence. Monk's co-host Jackie O then talked to the cop over the phone and asked "Is there any way you can let him off?"
The police officer laughed and said, "No".