Jeremy Kyle has divorced his wife of 13 years, former model Carla Germaine, in a court hearing that lasted just 20 seconds, according to reports.

The Mirror confirmed that the couple, who have three children together, were quickly granted a decree nisi by Judge Stephen Alderson at London’s Central Family Court on Thursday morning (February 11th). In about six weeks, Germaine will be able to apply for the decree absolute, formally bringing their marriage to an end.

Jeremy KyleJeremy Kyle divorced Carla Germaine, his wife of 13 years, on Thursday

Kyle, 50, is of course the presenter of the divisive ‘Jeremy Kyle Show’ on ITV, and many of the show’s critics will have smirked at the irony when his own family troubles were exposed in September of last year, when it was revealed that he and Germaine had separated, with his wife citing ‘unreasonable behaviour’ and that it had become impossible to live with him any longer.

The pair, who met in 1999 and had two daughters and a son together, were spotted arguing at Windsor Races last year. A source told newspapers at the time that “Jeremy had been drinking and badly embarrassed her.”

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Then, in September, Kyle said in a statement that “after 13 years of a generally happy marriage my wife and I, Carla, have separated amicably.” He added: “We have sadly grown apart over recent years and been living apart since earlier this summer.”

Despite their differences, Kyle emphasised that he and Germaine were working to ensure that their “three lovely children”, Henry, Alice and Ava, continued to enjoy a “stable upbringing” in “inevitably upsetting circumstances”.

At around the same time, the Sun on Sunday reported that 40 year old Germaine had been sleeping with a 25 year old polo player, James Carr, on multiple occasions. Sources close to her denied that this was the cause of the breakdown of the marriage, saying that Kyle’s behaviour was the main catalyst.

Last year, Kyle revealed details about a past gambling problem that led to the breakdown of his first marriage to Kirsty Rowley in 1990.

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