Jeremy Kyle has (hopefully) taken the first step towards battling cancer. The radio and television presenter - best known for his British daytime television chat show on ITV, The Jeremy Kyle Show - underwent surgery and chemotherapy after doctors diagnosed a "toxic" testicular tumour, the Metro reports. 

Kyle was diagnosed with testicular cancer shortly before Christmas, after he found a lump on the way back from filming in America. Kyle's spokesman confirmed yesterday: "Jeremy has recently undergone treatment for testicular cancer and is currently resting abroad." A friend of his explained, "He's now had the all clear -- so hopefully he stopped it in its tracks." A friend of his said: "This has hit him for six. He's relatively young and this was the last thing he expected to happen to him. Just by chance he noticed he had a lump and decided to get it checked out. When the doctors told him it was toxic it turned his family's life upside down."

The friend added: "Jeremy's a very positive guy and he has followed medical advice so hopefully he's stopped it in its tracks. He's having a good break now and getting a bit of sunshine to lift his spirits. He hopes to be back filming his show soon. He won't let this beat him."