As we've seen in several recent Clerks knock-offs, doing nothing isn't anywhere as entertaining as we've all thought. Starting out with damn near no plot, almost no point, and a collection of bizarre characters and ending up with a funny movie that keeps your attention for a good hour and a half just can't be done in Hollywood style. So when I find myself watching a film like North Beach, which proves its tagline of "Once in a while, a movie comes along that defines a generation. Let's hope to God this ain't it," quite effectively, I can't help but enjoy it.

North Beach centers (as much as a movie that wanders its way through its story can center) around Tyler (Casey Peterson), a denizen of North Beach, San Francisco who happens to have made the mistake of sleeping with a 19-year-old stripper from New Orleans. Slacker movie that North Beach is, no matter where Tyler goes, everyone knows about this before he tells them... including his girlfriend. The inevitable result is that Tyler spends all day in frantic attempts to win his girlfriend back and manage whatever else pops up in his slacker life.

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