Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has given US reality show FAST INC. a boost by agreeing to appear on the series debut, cooing over a classic BMW. The I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER star called classic car finder TODD ASHLEY and his Fast Ashley's crew requesting an early 1970s BMW 2002 as a birthday gift for a friend. Hewitt said, "It has to be cream with tan and automatic - it has to be automatic because we're girls and we don't know how to drive stick." The stars of the show hunted high and low for the vehicle, eventually finding one that matched the actress' dream vehicle in Phoenix, Arizona. Thrilled Hewitt squealed with delight when the BMW was delivered to her Los Angeles office on the Fast Inc. debut show, which aired on MTV in America on Monday night (05JUN06). She said, "It's so cute." On the show, Ashley and his partners CHRISTIAN and TATER find cars for stars and video and film shoots.