Jennifer Love Hewitt's injury to her wrist, that she suffered while boxing has not stopped her either from working out, or from looking good, snapped with freshly coiffured hair, as seen in The Daily Mail, and colour co-ordinating her cast with her sports bra.

Having let the world know her news via Twitter on Sunday (7th Oct 2012), tweeting “Guess who broke her wrist yesterday boxing to get fit for season two!;( I will be spending the weekend resting in my pjs”, later adding “'Thanks for all the concern about my wrist. Has slowed me down but hasn't stopped me.”Love Hewitt has taken the gym to shape up for her role in the US TV show 'The Client List' in which she really does need a great body, as she plays a prostitute. The show is based on the tv-film of the same name that she starred in as well, which is based on the true story of a “prostitution scam” in Texas.

The actress and singer-songwriter has been in the business since she was a child, starting in Disney's 'Kids Incorporated' and moving onwards and upwards to 'Party of Five', but finding fame as the lead role in 'The Ghost Whisperer' which she also produced. The new series of 'The Client List' is expected to hit next year, but there has, as yet, been no word as to whether Love Hewitt's injury to her wrist has entirely put her out of action in front of the camera.