A company has denied duping Jennifer Love Hewitt into holding a diet product in photographs.

The actress is reportedly suing MarzSprays, the maker of Slim Spray, for using her picture on its website to promote the product without asking her, but they claim she willingly posed for a number of snaps with the product.

A representative for MarzSprays told TMZ the star was curious about the product after seeing it in a Hollywood gifting suit in 2012.

They claim Jennifer, 35, asked several questions about items in the suite and ''posed for the camera over a dozen times with our products.''

The company claims it legally purchased the images of her in the suite and insist it's on legal solid ground to use her face in adverts for the slimming product.

MarzSprays featured on the ABC show 'Shark Tank' and Jennifer filed the complaint this month at the Superior Court of Los Angeles claiming the company violated her publicity rights by using her photograph since March 2014 to endorse Slim Spray, a line of oral weight loss supplements, energy boosters and sleep aids.

The lawsuit states: ''A large portion of the Defendant's marketing campaign hinges on the exploitation of celebrities.''

After the company received a legal letter it claims third parties using the image were told to stop, although it was seen on a promotional email on May 7.