The ex-fiancee of Jennifer Lopez's third husband Marc Anthony has slammed her former lover for neglecting to tell their daughter he was getting married.

DEBBIE ROSADO - who dated Anthony for three-and-a-half years - claims her onetime beau has made little contact with eldest daughter ARIANA in recent months, and that the youngster had to find out Lopez is her new stepmother "through the media".

Rosado - a former police officer - fumes, "The last time he spoke to her was four months ago. The last time he saw her was six months ago.

"I know he's a busy man and always travelling but how hard is it to pick up the phone to call your child and to ask them how they are? He does genuinely love her and whenever she sees him, she has a fantastic time.

"Any time anyone challenges him, he says that nobody understands what he is going through."

A friend of Rosado adds, "She (Ariana) adores Marc. To her, he's not Marc Anthony, the singer and the actor. He's her daddy.

"He didn't even call her to warn her that he was getting married, let alone invite her to be a bridesmaid.

"You'd have thought that J-Lo might have thought about that."

13/06/2004 14:01