Jennifer Lopez was left "fuming" after the initial shock of her 40th birthday party on Saturday night (25Jul09) - several guests were late for the swanky meal, according to U.S reports.
The singer/actress' husband Marc Anthony arranged the secret bash at New York's Edison Ballroom, naming the night An Evening With Lola - Lopez's nickname.
She burst into tears of joy as she discovered her husband's surprise and was surrounded by celebrity pals including Liza Minnelli, Ricky Martin and producer L.A. Reid.
But her happiness didn't last long when she noticed many of the chairs reserved for her showbusiness circle were left empty after people failed to turn up in time for her big entrance, according to the New York Daily News.
A source tells the publication, "Jennifer's party was very intimate, and there were a noticeable amount of empty seats when the dinner started.
"Jennifer was really irritated. She was fuming because people were late, and complained about it really loudly to Marc. Jennifer was visibly upset and embarrassed."