Jennifer Lopez is a rich woman indeed, and she could stand to be a touch richer if the lawsuit she's just filed goes through. The singer, who recently stepped away from her lucrative role as judge on 'American Idol', is reportedly suing her former driver for damages in excess of $20 million - around the same amount she received whilst working on 'Idol', incidentally.
Lopez has filed the suit as a counter claim after the driver struck first, Hakob Manoukian claiming that he was forced to resign from his role after being publicly berated by Lopez' manager Benny Medina. The star has reacted by claiming that the driver sought $2.8 million from her, or else he would make public conversations he'd overheard whilst driving her around. She claims that the man became drunk with power in his position, and got to the point where he wanted to control her whole security team, demanding more money for the privilege to boot.
It was this action which apparently led to him being asked to leave his job, and things got worse, allegedly, as it was at this point that he threatened to make public private information, also claiming that he'd go to the authorities to have her prosecuted. It sounds like it's going to get very messy indeed.