A stalker has managed to live undetected on singer Jennifer Lopez's property in The Hamptons for six days. The 49 year-old man, said to be obsessed with the pop star, has been identified as retired fireman John Dubis who camped out in J Lo's pool house for six days.

Jennifer Lopez
How Did An Intruder Live Without Suspicion For So Long?

It doesn't seem like Dubis was too worried about going undercover though: he posted "selfies" on Facebook via his online persona, David A. Lopez, as well as snaps of Lopez's property. Dubis reportedly also parked his car on J Lo's drive and snuck in through the open pool house door which he said the star had left open for him.

Jennifer Lopez
The Intruder Settled Into J.Lo's House When She Wasn't Home.

According to the NY Post, he even cleared one of the house's paths under the watchful eye of patrolling security. He made himself at home, sleeping on a couch and making little effort to conceal his presence. Suspicion was sparked when an employee saw Dubis standing on the singer's back porch and confronted him.

At first, the stalker tried to claim he was Lopez's ex-husband and said he was father to her children when cops arrived. Disturbingly, sources have also claimed that Dubis admitted to "pleasuring himself" in J.Lo's yard because apparently she wanted him to "spread his seed throughout the world."

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Dubis Posted Selfies & Spread His "Seed."

Neighbours who saw the man thought he was one of the house's employees. Neighbour Nancy Haverman spoke of her surprise at the unsettling incident: "Oh, my, come to think of it, I did find it odd when I saw a man standing outside her driveway with the gate closed. I figured he was just part of her security crew." She added, "It's really frightening - you don't want to be a celebrity. I'm telling you, it's a curse. I just hope [J.Lo] gets to enjoy this place just like everybody else."

Jennifer Lopez Stalker
Jennifer Lopez Is Said To Be Reviewing Her Security.

Dubis, who retired from firefighting in 2002, posted a Facebook photo of himself biting a heart-shaped box of chocolates with the caption "Jenny always sending me love." J.Lo bought the Water Mill home in May for a reported $10 million and is said to be currently vacationing in the property. Earlier this year, Dubis is said to have called J.Lo's mother and pretended that he was her son. He ended up in jail and underwent psychiatric evaluation.

After his latest arrest he has been taken for further psychiatric examinations. J.Lo's spokesperson claims not to be aware of the incident but her security is said to be under review.