Jennifer Lopez 's career seems to be back fully on the ascendancy after a few years which saw the pop star-turned-reality show judge seem to be teetering on the edge of a fall. Thanks to 'American Idol,' the 42 year-old is one of the names on everybody's lips again, after all you have to be someone of some credence to have an Oscar rumor made up about your state of dress - or undress as the case may have been.
Looking feisty on the March issue of V magazine, Lopez was dazzling on the front cover clad as a sexy, sweaty boxer with Everlast shorts on, her hands taped up and a cut-off Emporio Armani shirt revealing her toned abs. "I've always felt like a tough girl from the Bronx, but I have a soft core," said Lopez to the publication, adding that she knows how to fight. "I can take a lot of punches and still keep going. I've been trained like a boxer to go 15 rounds."