Jennifer Lopez has reportedly quit a movie because producers refused to only cast actresses less attractive than her.

The 44-year-old star is said to have dropped out of 'The 33' - based on the true story of the trapped Chilean miners - after bosses wouldn't agree to cut people for being ''too sexy''.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: ''J-Lo kept going through the hundreds of casting photos and whenever she spotted a female who looked too sexy she'd slash a big, black X across their face.''

The singer-and-actress has a reputation as a demanding star, but in the past she has hit back at claims she is a diva.

She previously said: ''I think people love to look at them (riders) and go, 'Oh my God she wants M&M'S ... she's crazy!' I think everyone has their list of things that make you feel comfortable ... like a certain kind of potato chip or water. I think the crazy ones are made up.''

Jennifer has even admitted she felt ''insecure'' about her career, taking a while to accept that she deserved her success.

She claimed: ''I was always so insecure. Then I grew, little by little, and realized, wait a minute, this is not a fluke. I'm not a mistake - I work my ass off. And I know what I'm doing.''