The World Cup opening concert last night wasn’t quite the life-affirming optimism fest it was intended to be. The reason? Sound issues meant that the audience at home could barely hear Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull as they took the stage to perform on opening night. Fans in the stadium were fine, The Telegraph reports, but those watching the festivities elsewhere were likely not impressed.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez did her best, but the sound problems were unmistakable.

Jennifer Lopez took to the stage to sing the official Fifa song We Are One (Ole Ola), looking on fine form for 44. Admittedly, the singer knows how to draw and keep a crowd and she projected as best she could. However, the “appalling sound quality” made J-Lo and Pitbull’s voices sound “tinny” and quiet. Not exactly what you’d want for the opening on the world’s biggest football tournament.

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As it turns out, the problem originated at the source and was not the fault of any local network. A source at ITV, which broadcast the ceremony in Britain, said last night that it had “no control” over audio levels because a single feed was distributed around the world.

The complaints from hundreds of fans form just another setback for a World Cup already dealing with more than a few problems. There have already been questions about the quality of Brazil’s football pitches and protests in Sao Paulo are ongoing.

Pitbull joined the seasoned performer for a rendition of We Are One, despite earlier reports.