Jennifer Lopez may have seemed to be in the Bronx for recent Fiat commercial and 'Papi' music video, but seemingly this wasn't the case. According to The Smoking Gun, Jennifer Lopez's role was actually played by a body double.

The Lopez lookalike was behind the wheel in the Bronx but then Lopez herself was on the other side of the continent in Los Angeles, where she filmed her part inside the Fiat 500. In turn, a production company then merged live action and CGI footage scenes into a seamless commercial. In the advert, as a voiceover, Lopez ironically claims: "This is my world. This place inspires me . they may be just streets to you, but to me they're a playground." The advert shows a barber shop and its owner Eligio Cueto. However Cueto himself said that as the Fiat 500 drove past his store, he noticed Lopez wasn't in the car: "It wasn't her, it was a double that looked like her" The new 60-second commercial which debuted this week, titled 'Elegance', is selling the £15,000 Fiat 500 by showing the star supposedly drive through her old hometown.

Jennifer Lopez is currently promoting the third single 'Papi', from her album 'Love?' which went platinum around the world this year. She is appearing alongside Steven Tyler for her second series of American Idol in the US at the moment.