Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony shocked fans by announcing their separation on Friday (15th July 2011), but according to the Chicago Sun-Times, the split has been on its way for weeks. Lopez and Anthony have been married for seven years and are parents to 3-year-old twins Max and Emme.
Although the couple's decision is said to have caught close friends and associates off guard, a long-time pal of Jennifer said, "I know Marc's short fuse and explosive temper has been an issue. I've always thought Jennifer had learned to deal with that". However, the source claimed the breakdown wasn't purely down to Anthony, adding, "After all, it's not like she's not one to handle herself in big verbal battle. She can let loose herself. . I've seen her launch some pretty strong screaming matches!" Only the couple's "tight inner circle" was aware of their decision to end the marriage, although Lopez had attended a number of recent events without her husband. She met Prince William and Kate Middleton on 9th July 2011 with her mother, but the media failed to pick up on Marc's absence.
Despite the split, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony will reportedly still continue to work together on 'Q Viva: The Chosen', a reality show seeking out undiscovered talent across Latin America.