Jennifer Lopez has given a boost to Keenan Ivory Wayans' upcoming In Living Color revival by volunteering to make an appearance on the comedy show.
The singer/actress landed her big break in 1991 when she was cast as a regular Fly Girl dancer on the U.S. comedy programme, which is set to be revived in the spring (12).
Lopez insists she'll be forever grateful to Wayans for supporting her before she was a star and admits she'd love to repay him by appearing in the update.
She tells Access Hollywood, "I haven't heard from (Wayans) but if he called me and wanted me to do something, that would be awesome.
"I owe Keenan a lot. From the beginning of my career, he always believed in me, he always was constantly putting in my brain, 'You're gonna be a star, you're gonna be a star, do you know that?' And he was a mentor to me so I wish him the best with that."
Wayans will host two half-hour specials, which will test the market for a full series.