Jennifer Lopez is keen to move back to her native New York so she can raise her children in a "normal" environment away from the glitz of Hollywood.
The singer/actress and her husband Marc Anthony both have Puerto Rican heritage and grew up in the Big Apple, but they now live in Los Angeles to concentrate on their showbiz careers.
But Lopez is concerned the couple's twins, Max and Emme, who they welcomed in 2008, will suffer if they don't experience the same hardships their parents went through as youngsters.
She tells Britain's Celebs On Sunday magazine, "We think about taking them back to New York to go to school and have more of an upbringing there. That's how Marc and I grew up. It's something we're talking about. I love L.A., but it's a showbusiness town. I just think of getting them into an environment with normal kids who have working parents who are not part of the business and just growing up like we did...
"Hard work is something I want them to understand. They are growing up differently than I grew up, they have things, they live in a bigger house where they don't have to worry about eating or money or shoes like I did when I was little. I want to instill in them how lucky we are - we pray about that every night - and to be good, gracious people who have to work hard for what they want."