Jennifer Lopez has found herself losing a lot of support from her fanbase in the wake of her newest single 'I Ain't Your Mama' for the simple fact that it has been produced by Dr. Luke, who is currently amid legal proceedings after he was accused of sexual abuse by Kesha.

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez causes controversy by working with Dr. Luke

While Dr. Luke, real name Lukasz Gottwald has denied all allegations and no concrete evidence has yet been presented against him in court, Kesha still maintains her story and, indeed, so have many of her fans - several of which are celebrity supporters including Lena Dunham, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. But a lot of Kesha supporters out there are also J.Lo fans, and they have found themselves conflicted by the news that Lopez has hit the studio with the controversial Gottwald especially in light of what the song is actually about.

The single, written by Meghan Trainor, is a feminist anthem about shunning traditional gender roles in a relationship and banishing that subordinate housewife image. Whether or not he's guilty of Kesha's allegations remains to be seen, but even so it still seems Dr. Luke is expecting Kesha to be subordinate to him by not releasing her from his contract, but that's a different matter.

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Lopez performed 'I Ain't Your Mama' live for the first time on the 'American Idol' finale yesterday (April 7th 2016) and was promptly inundated with a barage of negativity from fans urging others to boycott the single and ridiculing the situation in regards to the song's message of female empowerment.

'I Ain't Your Mama' follows Lopez's single from last year, 'A Selena Tribute' which was a medley tribute to the late Latino singer, but there's no news yet on an upcoming album to follow 2014's 'A.K.A.'. Cirkut is known to have helped Dr. Luke in production of the single which was released yesterday via Epic Records and Nuyorican.