Jennifer Lopez has one of the most desirable and envious bodies in showbiz.

However, earlier in the 44 year-olds career not everyone was a fan of her signature shape.

Lopez is the cover girl for Cosmopolitan For Latinas' winter issue and it features a candid interview with the singer/actress.

The 'Dance Again' singer spoke to the mag about the criticism she received in her early Hollywood days, "When I first started on television [as a Fly Girl on In Living Color], people, and even my own manager at the time, would tell me I had to make all of these changes. But you have to stand up and say, 'There's nothing wrong with me or my shape or who I am, you're the one with the problem!"

The mother of twins added, "And when you can really believe that, all of a sudden other people start believing too."

Lopez explained she got her self-belief and confidence from her supportive family. "Early on, my family really made me love who I was and what I looked like," she said. "My body was nothing out of the ordinary in my neighbourhood."

Continuing to praise her upbringing, she states, "I love the family that I grew up in, the strength and passion and the heart that we bring to things and then the way I was raised-the intense love we demonstrate."

It could be argued that Lopez is equally known for her sexy curves as she is for her music and acting career, and the 'On The Floor' singer iacts as an inspiration for people everywhere to believe in themselves and don't change for anyone.

Good for you J-Lo!

Jennifer lopez
Lopez discusses the criticism she faced about her body in her early Hollywood days

jennifer lopez
J-Lo's curves are now some of the most desired in Hollywood