Jennifer Lopez has created a new range for Endless Jewelry.

The 'On The Floor' hitmaker has been busy working on the accessories line, which includes shell necklaces and bracelets among other items, and she wanted to produce items that have ''variety and plenty of options''.

She said: ''I like to have variety and plenty of options. The new metallic colours enhance the bold, edgy designs - they're both tough and feminine at the same time. I always have fun with my fashion and like to mix things up a bit, and I think the entire collection has something that fits any attire or mood. It's the whole idea behind the way we do the designs.''

The 'Made in Manhattan' star also stars in an advertising campaign to promote the range and she was photographed in both New York City and Los Angeles, a decision that was made so the shoots would be a ''reflection of the diversity of the products''.

She told website MailOnline: ''We have shot in central New York near the Empire State Building and in LA surrounded by palm trees. I see the differences in the locations and surroundings as a reflection of the diversity of the products.''

J.Lo's inspiration when creating the collection was to come up with pieces which women can ''keep simple or dress up''.

She explained: ''Each charm is versatile and complements any outfit, you choose to wear, and I created them so you can keep it simple or dress it up. The basic idea is to have 'endless' options when creating your own unique combinations, no matter the occasion!''