Superstar Jennifer Lopez has a secret dirty habit - she smokes cigars.

A worker who tended to the singer and her mother GUADALUPE at New York's Hotel Peninsular in January (04) slammed rumours of J.Lo's diva behaviour - but let slip her fondness for smoking.

The porter, known only as RAUL, stumbled upon a smoking J.Lo after being called to her suite to show her how to watch taped episodes of QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY she had requested.

He tells American website PAGESIX.COM, "We also received a FedEx package that day as well so I went with it to her room. She opened it and pulled a large really nice wooden box that she put on the coffee table.

"I asked her if it wasn't a bit dangerous to FedEx her jewellery box like that and she looked at me and went 'My jewellery box ? Are you crazy?' and started laughing and went 'no no, it's not my jewellery box thank God, it's my travel humidor' and she opened it to show me. In it was about a dozen large cigars.

"She took one out, asked me if I wanted one, which I declined" and began "puffing on her cigar" while Raul fixed the VCR.

Raul was thrilled when he left the suite - Lopez gave him a $100 tip.

12/08/2004 17:11