Jennifer Lopez is ''fearless'' with love.

The 'I Luh Ya Papi' hitmaker - who is in a relationship with dancer Casper Smart and has been married three times - is not ''afraid'' to venture into a new relationship and knows life is never easy so will always ''push'' herself to do better to make herself happy.

She said: ''I am fearless with love; You have to be. You can't be afraid to fall and try again; That's not just in love, that's in life. You have try and keep pushing.

''It's not an easy road but you have to keep going every day. You're almost there and all of a sudden you're there.

''I feel the same way about love; You have to keep pushing through and eventually there will be light.''

Jennifer's new album 'A.K.A.' is inspired by the ''physical and emotional'' journey she has been on since splitting from third husband Marc Anthony - the father of her six-year-old twins Max and Emme - in July 2011, and she admits she has since discovered she is much ''stronger'' than she thought.

She told Billboard magazine: ''It's been a transitional couple of years for me. After I left 'American Idol' the fist time, I went through the break-up with Marc and then I decided to take on a world tour for the first time.

''It was an experience. A physical and emotional journey. When I got back I realised, 'Wow I survived all of that and I'm OK. I'm actually better and stronger than I thought I was. I need to get back in the studio.'

''Everything that I learned about myself and [about] love is what this album became.''