American Idol has selected its final 13 as the singing competition's strongest contestants emerge to battle it out in the final weeks. Before things get viciously competitive and exhaustingly emotional in those last few episodes, let's take stock of the last lucky 13.

American Idol Judges
This Week, The Judges Had To Whittle 20 Singers Down To 13.

This series of American Idol is momentous for having had the first openly gay contestant get this far. Contestant MK Nobilette, who says she has "two moms," has won over American voters with her likeable demeanour, not to mention some serious singing talent to boot. After the public picked her as one of their top ten, it is likely MK will get a lot further or even go all the way as one of the favorites to win.

One unsuccessful contestant, Bria Anai, brought her version of James Brown's 'It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World,' which showed off her powerful voice. However, 16 year-old Bria struggled to control her pitch during the mature song, perhaps due to being overcome by emotion before her performance. She may have a great voice, but judges are looking for a lot more at this stage. Harry Connick Jr. was kind though : "You definitely sang for your life but Bria, it was all over the place," he said.

Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Seacrest Welcomed This Week's Successful Contestants Into The Final 13.

Handsome teen, Spencer Lloyd, who has shone right from the audition episodes, was asked to perform again for the judges' wildcard decisions. Spencer knew he was skating on thin ice and turned up his heart-throb factor to the max, singing a love song directly to the ladies with his acoustic guitar. Spencer's talent and performance weren't enough to save him though, and he was eliminated. J.Lo was the one to let the hopeful contestant down. "I'm not sure if that's what I would have wanted America to see right now," she said, adding "I think you did a good job though sweetie."

Jennifer Lopez
The Judges Were Sympathetic When Letting Contestants Go.

Alabama guitar teacher C.J Harris was one of the lucky three wildcard choices, but issues with his band marred his performance. Harris put his mark on Sam Cooke's mournful ballad 'Bring It On Home To Me" but his backing group made some pretty noticeable mistakes. "I don't know what I should address first, the fact that band screwed that up, or you screwed that up...both of ya'll did,' said Connick, adding "It was not a strong start."

17 year-old Jena Irene from Michigan impressed the audience, earning herself a wildcard spot along with 24 year-old nurse tech Kristen O'Connor. Jena played an intimate ballad on her keyboard to express her individuality whilst Kristen opted for a cover of Katy Perry's hit, 'Unconditionally,' which judges enjoyed but remarked she should have gone for a higher key.

Harry Connick Jr.
The Wise-Cracking Harry Connick Jr. Toned It Down & Focussed On The Task In Hand This Week.

The public votes:

1. Malaya Watson

2. Ben Briley

3. Emily Piriz

4. Alex Preston

5. Jessica Meuse

6. Dexter Roberts

7. Caleb Johnson

8. Majesty Rose

9. MK Nobilette

10. Sam Woolf

The judges' wild-cards:

1. Jena Irene

2. Kristen O'Connor

3. C.J. Harris