Jennifer Lawrence is forever endearingly candid, witty, beautiful, and always manages to pull off a look of 'gracious but goofy'. In fact, let's coin that phrase in honour of her. Jennifer Lawrence is graciously goofy and it's all part of her charm. This photo then, wearing a stunning dress and clasping her well earned Oscar, sums her up, but who on earth is she flipping off?

Jennifer Lawrence giving the fingerJennifer Lawrence giving the finger at the Oscars

Who she definitely should not be flipping off:

Jessica Chastain : Jessica was Jennifer's big competition and it was truly a tough one to call. While gloating can be fun, it's bad form, particularly given that Chastain had been such a gracious non-winner (we loath to call her a loser given what a truly spectacular performance she gave in Zero Dark Thirty).

Bradley Cooper: Again, gloating is not nice and her Silver Linings Playbook co-star Bradley Cooper was beaten to best actor by the unbeatable Daniel Day-Lewis, meaning he left the awards empty handed. However, without his co-starring role in the movie, she would certainly not shine so brightly. She probably wasn't giving him the finger, but we recommend she buy him a beer either way.

Who she might be giving the finger to.

Meryl Streep: 'Cause, y'know, she beat Meryl!

The Press: That's right, the press are often the most meddlesome and difficult aspect of any awards ceremony, we ask intrusive and banal questions while actors and actresses are forced to stand for thousands of photos for us and our readers. But, it's a love/hate relationship which is why reporters and photographers are the likely recipient of her playful gesture. And playful it was, 15 seconds later she was smiling and joking again.