The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence has revealed that she was discovered by a talent scout on the city street. According to The Daily News, Jennifer Lawrence who will be appearing in THE HUNGER GAMES this month sparked her fame off in Union Square when she was on holiday in New York with her mother.

Talking to The NY Daily News, the 21-year-old star stated: 'It wasn't creepy, he didn't ask to take me anywhere, he just wanted to take a picture. And then all these agencies started calling and then we just kind of went (to do cold readings) out of boredom. And then my poor mother, it was all I talked about, my obsession.' After nabbing her breakthrough role in 'Winter's Bone' in 2010 which even garnered her an Oscar nomination, she is set to hit the international stage with 'Hunger Games'. Lawrence further elaborated that she loved visiting New York: 'I was 14 when I went there. I loved it and I will always love New York. Going back there and living there as a teenager, it was just a very surreal, kind of amazing experience for a Kentucky girl.' Lawrence had spent five years in the Big Apple, applying for both modelling and acting jobs.

Jennifer Lawrence can be seen in 'The Hunger Games' which will be out this Friday (23rd Mar 2012) in the UK.