Jennifer Lawrence will be available for fans to view in high definition 3D after it was revealed today, February 2nd, that her forthcoming film 'The Hunger Games' will be given a limited IMAX run upon on its release on March 23rd. However fans will only be able to see it in high quality rendering for one week, before the film becomes available only in regular cinemas. Anticipation is mounting for the forthcoming flick, an adaptation of SUZANNE COLLINS dystopian best-selling novel, and Lawrence has been joined in the cast by Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Hemsworth and Lawrence's real-life friend Josh Hutcherson.

Speaking to MTV, Lawrence and Hutcherson had trouble recounting when they first met, although a consensus between the pair seemed to suggest it was at the Screen Actors Guild Awards one year. "When was the first time we met? I remember it like it was yesterday," quipped Hutcherson, with Lawrence replying "When was that? You were at a dance-floor something, and I came up to you like, 'What's up?' I freaked you out, because I started telling you that thing ." only for her pal to correct her "[we were at] the SAG Awards, but we weren't dancing at the SAG Awards." The conversation went on in this vein, the pair struggling to even remember what each other was wearing at the event.

What they both believe however is that they both have a great chemistry, or as Lawrence put it "He's charming and nice and sweet, like a dog licking your face."