The pre-Oscars luncheon is clearly the favourite event for the Academy nominees. They get to feel important and respected, they get to sip good coffee before slurping down great champagne, they get to talk to the media about how they're just happy to be nominated and don't really want to win.

This year's luncheon was no different and saw the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Ben Affleck walking around like people who knew they were probably going to win a very big award, very, very soon. "It's my favorite day of the year," said Harvey Weinstein, the producer behind best picture nominees Django Unchained and Silver Linings Playbook,  "You see all of the achievement and no one is competing." A typically swanky affair, the ballroom at the Beverly Hilton hotel was decked out with silver tablecloths and "mirrored orchid centrepieces," according to the Los Angeles Times. "It looks like a nightclub," quipped former academy president Tom Sherak.

After the lavish lunch, the star-studded audience were met with a fairly unusual sight - 66-year-old producer behind the likes of Indiana Jones and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button got behind two decks and a laptop and deejayed the whole affair. "Call me DJ Master Frank," said Marshall, who wasn't nominated this year. "It was the only way I was getting in."

Frank Marshall, Pre-Oscars LuncheonFrank Marshall, DJ Extraordinare At The Pre-Oscars Lunch!