The big news this morning has to be the Mtv Movie Awards. Since it’s so far out of awards season and generally awards the biggest movies of the year, the awards are a good way to see where the wind is blowing, for this summer, in terms of blockbusters. So here is your much needed rundown. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire won Movie of the Year (is anyone really surprised) and still mostly rules the young adult and sci-fi scenes, with new hopeful Divergent. With Conan O’Brien hosting, Hunger Games leads Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson snapped up Best Female Performance and Best Male Performance, respectively, E! News reports. Meanwhile, the red carpet was just as eventful.

Jennifer Lawrence, OscarsJosh Hutcherson, Catching Fire Premiere
America's favorite Young Hollywood leads are yet to be dethroned.

Parks & Rec’s Chris Pratt, who is set to have one epic summer with Guardians of the Galaxy, stopped for some red carpet interviews and said he and wife Anna Faris are working on developing Vacation Friends, a comedy recently bought by Fox. "It will be a chance for us to work together again," he said. "It's in the preliminary stages,” Pratt told USA Today.

Meanwhile, Divergent star Shailene Woodley was thrilled about getting a single day off, between the European press tour and the Movie Awards: “I went on a hike and I got to work out for the first time in a month,” she gushed on the red carpet.

Watch Chris Pratt discuss Guardians of the Galaxy in depth below.

Jared Leto won for Best Onscreen Transformation, for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. Lupita Nyong'o presented the award, with Leto thanking her, "It's an award in itself to get that from her." Leto used the opportunity to draw attention to a pressing issue. He thanked the fans and then dove straight into a much more serious subject: "We've made a lot of progress in the battle against AIDS, but it's not time to celebrate just yet. There's no cure, the epidemic rages on. But here's to the hope that one day, we'll put an end of this plague, and the world will rejoice, knowing that no one will ever have to suffer the indignation of this sickness again, nor the intolerance, the fear or the prejudice that lives alongside it."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Leto concluded: "Love who you want to love, live how you wish to live and never let anyone ever stop you from turning your dreams into your reality." 

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Jared Leto
Jared Leto used the spotlight to draw attention to the AIDS epidemic.