Jennifer Lawrence is, of course, doing a lot of publicity at the moment, due to her incredible performance in Silver Linings Playbook being lauded by everyone everywhere (she's just won a Golden Globe and is nominated for a few Oscars), as well as the next instalment of the Hunger Games Trilogy, Catching Fire, coming up later this year. She sat down for a chat with David Letterman on the Late Show, and their conversation took them to Meryl Streep, twitter and anal leakage. Bet he never saw that one coming.

Letterman opened by asking Lawrence how she learned to act and whether she'd ever had any acting lessons. It turns out she didn't need any lessons because as she confesses: "I was a big liar when I was a child... I was just like a pathological liar when I was a kid." From here on out no one can trust a word she speaks, except she's so endearing you just do. 

After discussing the outcome of her pathological lying - it turns out her parents found out and she was forced to 'purge' about all the lies she'd ever told, meaning that she said she can't lie now - she defended her present day self, "I'm very well rounded, and practically perfect" she joked.  

Over the weekend she came under criticism for her Golden Globe acceptance speech in which she quotes The First Wives Club movie saying 'I beat Meryl!' Lindsay Lohan who was outraged at the comment (ignorant to the movie) and everyone else who felt the same as Lohan voiced their concern via Twitter. Luckily, Lawrence doesn't have Twitter, as she said she'd use it to ask what anal leakage is. 

Here's the trailer for Silver Linings Playbook: