Jennifer Lawrence's career has been catapulted into the ethereal realms of Hollywood Gods over the past two years. From being a relative nobody to being nominated for numerous Golden Globes and Academy Awards at the age of just 22 (for 2011's Winter's Bone and 2012's Silver Linings Playbook) it's a wonder that she has managed to keep her cool at all.

Good news though because she has, and she's endearingly brazenly honest too. So honest, in fact, that she has paradoxically admitted to being a pathological liar as a child. "I was a big liar when I was a child" she told David Letterman when she popped in for a chat on his Late Show. "I was just like a pathological liar." Apparently, all the lying was out of one-up-manship; when a friend said they had broken their leg, she was getting hers amputated! Unsurprisingly, the lie was found out by her mother, who forced her to 'purge' all the lies, which she says has meant she can no longer tell a lie. 

It seems she also can't hold her tongue, as a conversation about the evils of Twitter devolved into a discussion of anal-leakage. Not something you expect to hear about in a conversation with a veteran of talk-show hosting. So, if she was a liar as a kid, how would she describe herself now, Letterman asked? "[V]ery well rounded, and practically perfect," Lawrence replied. Even with the anal-leakage, we can't help but agree. 

Here she is in her Golden Globe winning, Oscar Nominated performance for Silver Linings Playbook: