Jennifer Lawrence has only been the 2013 Oscar winner for best leading actress for three days and yet she’s already seeing stuff she wore for her award-taking performance in Silver Linings Playbook auctioned off!

Reuters reports that memorabilia dealer Nate D. Sanders has put the skin-tight white dance pants, winter coat and sports bra the actress wore in the film up for sale in an online auction that’s set to end tomorrow (February 28, 2013). It’s believed that the items could fetch anywhere between $500 and $1500, which, given they’re all probably only a year or so old, seems pretty expensive to us. But then I guess if you want something worn by Jennifer Lawrence that badly you’ll pay anything to get it.

"She's now on the record for having an Academy Award, which definitely gives it (the items) status now," said Laura Yntema, spokeswoman for the auction house. There are five of Lawrence’s items up for grabs in the sale, which starts at $100. It isn’t just Lawrence’s whose garb is part of the online auction either; her co-star Bradley Cooper has nine items that he wore during the filming up for grabs, whilst the film’s Chris Tucker also has two items up for sale. Truly, the present becomes history fast in this day and age.;

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