Ah Jennifer Lawrence, you sure know how to make red carpet events and awards show a whole lot more entertaining. The much-loved actress wowed on the red carpet as usual at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night (18 Jan.), however it was her off hand comments before the show that had people talking today, rather than what she wore or what she won.

Jennifer Lawrence SAG
J-Law wore Dior to the SAG Awards

Wearing a sequinned Dior dress, the actress looked stunning as she paraded down the red carpet, but as she told E! presenter Giuliana Rancic, she was left a little unhappy with what she described as her "armpit vagina," hanging out over her dress. She said, "I know I have armpit fat," to which Rancic reassured her that she didn't have an ounce of fat on her (she didn't), before admitting that Lawrence had made her conscious of her own armpit fat (neither of them had anything wrong with their arms or armpits), to which Lawrence continued, “It’s armpit vaginas! I see myself in all these cameras, it’s horrible.”

The actress was then asked about her Golden Globe photobomb of Taylor Swift, claiming that she had no idea that the cameras were panned out wide enough for them to see her stalking up the stairs towards Swift. Blaming the E! camera man for everything, that chat didn't spell the end of her face bending talent shows for the night.

American Hustle SAG
Jen poses with some of her American Hustle co-stars after their Best Ensemble win

Her comic moments weren't reserved for the red carpet, as Lawrence showed off some more of her grimaces after the awards show was over, flexing her cheek muscles as the cameras flashed to capture her and her American Hustle co-stars with their awards for the night. The entire cast won Best Ensemble on the night, however Lawrence was pipped to the Best Supporting Actress gong by 12 Years A Slave star Lupita Nyong'o.

Check out all of her face bending talents below.

Jennifer Lawrence SAG 1
Lovely stuff Jen

Jennifer Lawrence SAG 2
The camera loves Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence SAG 3
This one is actually quite impressive

Jennifer Lawrence SAG 4
Jeremy Renner doesn't look impressed