On Monday evening (Oct 20th), some of the world's most talented female stars were gathered at the 2014 Elle's Women in Hollywood Celebration, so it is no surprise Jennifer Lawrence was in attendance, but this time it wasn't her receiving the honour.

Jennifer Lawrence
Lawrence quickly stole the show at Elle's Women in Hollywood Celebration

However, when the 24 year-old actress presented her 'Hunger Games' co-star Elizabeth Banks, she quickly stole the show by making the packed out audience at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills fall into a fit of laughter.

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"I'm honoured to be here to support my dear friend and cast-member Elizabeth Banks," Lawrence said of Banks. "Or shall I say Elizabeth Mitchell, that's actually her real name if you didn't know. She changed it because she's money!"

Lawrence continued to joke "She's had at least one line in every film since 2001."

"I have had the pleasure of working with this gifted actress for the past few years on the unfortunate box office flop, The Hunger Games," J-Law quipped. "I constantly marvel at the versatility of Elizabeth. She's a chameleon escaping into every role she plays. Whatever the movie, her performances are always honest and heartfelt. As audience members, we know the women she plays are very real and that's why directors want to constantly work with her."

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Lawrence's hilarity didn't stop there, the Oscar-winner went on to say, "Elizabeth is from Pittsfield, Massachusetts. A lot of really smart people are from Pittsfield, it says here on the teleprompter. I never knew that."

Elizabeth Banks
Banks arriving at Elle's Women in Hollywood Celebration

And it seems Lawrence's comedic speech influenced Banks, after a video montage of the honouree's career was shown, the 40 year-old actress told the audience, "I didn't write a speech, there's nothing in this teleprompter, my publicist is s--ting her pants. Here we go, bitches!"

"I think that I'm proud of my career and then I see the highlight reel," Banks joked. "I want to call a little bit of bulls--t on being a woman in Hollywood. Like, I think it's really hard actually to be a woman in Hollywood. I think it requires a lot of encouragement along the way."