Does Jennifer Lawrence ever make a public appearance without a tumble or a quote making headline news? We guess not, but this week two J-Law incidents have got the internet talking, first there was that Cannes “rape joke” and now her Miley-Cyrus-Oscar-vomit-story as told to Seth Meyers.

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence at Vanity Fair's Oscar party, pre vomit

First lets tackle last week’s Cannes appearance, where it has now emerged that J-Law quipped she’d broken out her “rape scream” for director Alfonzo Cuaron. At the Vanity Fair and Armani party, Jennifer was allegedly overheard telling a reporter that she was so excited to meet the Gravity director that she screamed and said ‘'I broke out my rape scream for you!’’

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Some are citing the remark as J-Law’s first major public gaff, with blogger Perez Hilton leading the backlash, writing, 'We're sure she thought that what was said at the party was private, but even still, that's no excuse for a rape joke!! They're not funny, ever.’’ He’s also included a poll were readers can vote on if they think Jennifer’s comment was over the line. At last count over half thought it was not a big deal.

Moving on, Jennifer’s interview on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' where she tells her Oscar’s vomiting story has finally aired. The actress revealed that she’d gotten so drunk at Madonna’s after party she “puked all over.” To make matters worse, the vomiting J-Law was then happened upon by Miley Cyrus who told her to “get it together.”

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But the story doesn’t end here. On Saturday Miley replied to a fan who tweeted her about the incident writing ‘that never happened’. She then deleted the reply replacing it with another tweet which read “that. never. happened”. Cryptic. However, Miley is yet to make a direct comment on Jennifer’s story.

Miley CyrusMiley may not recall Jennifer's vomit

So what do you think? Is J-Law still your fantasy BFF or might she need to start using a little self editing? Well, neither story seems to have hurt her most recent release, X-Men Days of Future Past which Forbes is projecting will take a massive $107m at the box office this Memorial Day weekend.