Winning an Oscar is one thing, but the highlight of Jennifer Lawrence's night will undoubtedly be Jack Nicholson gate crashing her interview with George Stephanopolous (recognise that name? Rachel, Monica and Phoebe fawned over him in Friends) for ABC News. 

Skip to 34 seconds in to catch Jack's appearance:

Having just won the Oscar for Best Actress you may think she would be a difficult woman to be rendered dumb and star struck. However, when Jack Nicholson poked his head into their interview to check out who she was Lawrence's face was thrown into contorted surprise. It's no surprise really, even the greats have inspirations and as the most nominated male actor in Academy Award history and having won three, he should truly be an inspiration to all. It has previously been confirmed that Lawrence and British born Nicholas Hoult have parted ways, perhaps leaving space for a new man in Jennifers life!?

His wit and charm were in plain view when they met, as he told Lawrence that she looks like one of his old girlfriends. She said "Oh really? Do I look like a new girlfriend?" to which he replied "I've thought about it." Could this be a new romance on the cards? It's a little bit creepy but we certainly hope so!

Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway at the Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway, two worthy Oscar winners