When it comes to ongoing movie franchise, it really doesn't get much bigger than The Hunger Games, so when we managed to get hold of the film's star Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson you can bet that we were all ears. In their frank, individual discussions, the two praised the level of commitment the franchise's fans constantly show them and how arriving at the San Diego Comic Con International really puts into perspective the huge scope the films cover.

Hunger Games
Lawrence with co-stars Liam Hemsworth (far left), Sam Claflin (middle right) and director Francis Lawrence (far right)

Lawrence praises The Hunger Games' "hardcore" fans during the red carpet interview about her the next film in the series; The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. She particularly acknowledged the dedication the fans hold towards the film - a type of dedication that is rarely matched across fandoms associated to other movie/book franchises. She seemed genuinely humbled with the reception the films continue to receive and was keen to acknowledge that without these fans, the films wouldn't be a success.

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"We wouldn't have these movies if we didn't have the fans that we do and these are the people who we're thinking about when we're on set, we think about the hardcore people who love these movies," she said in her interview. "So to actually get to be in the same room with that support, it's nerve-racking, but also really exciting."

Hutcherson was equally as praiseworthy of the films' fans and seemed in awe to be at what he called "the Mecca of fandom;" the San Diego Comic Con International. Admitting that even he hasn't seen the finished product that is the next Hunger Games film, he said that he is just as excited to see the finished product as those who gathered to see him and his Hunger Games co-stars are. "I'm excited, I haven't seen it yet so I'm really excited," he told the interviewer.

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"I'm really proud of the movie and I wanna see how the fans react to it, I know they're gonna be stoked so I can't wait.' He also adds, 'It's wild, I mean, The Hunger Games fans from the very beginning have been so passionate and have been so supportive that to kind of come to the Mecca of fandom is really exciting."

During the packed-out panel for Catching Fire, the cast and crew explained the progression of the characters from the first instalment of the series, whilst the ever-down-to-Earth Lawrence shared some rather grissly information about a certain kissing scene that involved a healthy amount of snot from her.

"The kissing scenes are going to be really hot, if you're into snot," laughed Lawrence, describing a resuscitation scene between her and Hutcherson. "There was all this snot coming out of my nose and when I had to kiss Josh it went in his mouth and then I coughed and I wobbled it." Lovely.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be released in cinemas, snot and all, worldwide on on November 22.

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Josh Hutcherson
Hutcherson can't wait to see the film either