The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is the story of people being forced to fight each other in a gladiator-meets-reality-programme style scenario, so you wouldn’t assume it was a very comfortable gig for the stars involved. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutchenson expanded on just how unglamorous shooting for the second film in the series occasionally got in a recent interview, in which Lawrence and some other members of the cast went into the gory details of having to wear a wetsuit for an entire movie.

Jennifer Lawrence, Cannes Film Festival
The Hunger Games star is quickly turning into one of Hollywood's most saught after actresses.

"Honestly, I was expecting them to be horrible because the idea of being in a wetsuit for a whole movie sounds terrifying," Hutcherson revealed for E! News last week, during the press rounds for the movie. "But they actually were pretty comfortable once we found out you can actually pee through them—just go into the ocean and take care of your business."

Good to know…? Jennifer Lawrence, refreshingly honest as ever, also had something to share: "I was surprised at how little camel toe problem there was. I was expecting a lot more."

Check out the Catching Fire trailer below.

But it’s not like the tight-fitting wetsuits came without any unexpected problems, as Sam Claflin, who plays Finnick Odair in the movie, was quick to point out. Claflin revealed that the unfortunate actors were initially asked to wear thongs under their suits – for one very obvious reason.

"It was so there was no VPL," he said, referring to visible panty lines. "We eventually went with cycling shorts and that kept it all in tact."

This is some very interesting trivia about a highly anticipated film, we get that. However it still begs the question: how much information is just TMI? In any case, if you’ll be lining up to see Catching Fire for the plot and not the prospect of gawking at (admittedly very attractive) actors in wetsuits, you may want to mark 22 November – the release date - on your calendar. Actually, you should probably mark it anyway. Who are we to judge.

Josh Hutchenson, Nike Basketball Tournament
It's a sweet deal for the rest of the cast too, but not without a price - in this case, probably some chafing.