Once again, internet news and gossip outlets are having a field day over the fact that apparently, celebrities are people too – case in point: Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence.

In the wake of her first Oscar win – Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook, the 22-year-old star jetted off to Hawaii for some R&R. Ahead of reshoots for the Hunger Games sequel, catching fire, the actress’ hair was once again back to the trademark Katniss Everdeen black, leaving no trace of the glamorous blonde who walked the red carpet less than a week ago.

It probably shouldn’t be news by now that even Oscar winners wear sweats when they’re off duty. Messy haired and casually clad in sweatpants and a loose tee, Lawrence relaxed and lounged about with a close female friend.

Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair Oscar Party

However, this isn’t what most news outlets are really concerned with. In some of the pap shots of her trip, Lawrence can be seen smoking a “suspicious-looking” rolled cigarette. Since Jennifer Lawrence isn’t an out-and-proud smoker like gal pal Kristen Stewart, everyone assumes it was that other type of cigarette. The horror! The humanity! Well, no, not really. It might not be the typical setting we’re used to seeing J-Law in, but is it really anyone’s concern what the woman does on her days off? Even if that woman is a recent Oscar laureate.

Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway Match Outfits At The Oscars Red Carpet

Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway match outfits at the Oscars red carpet.