There are few ways left to refer to Jennifer Lawrence as awesome in any kind of new or original manner. Everyone loves her; critics, audiences and awards boards alike. Star of both The Hunger Games franchise and also the recent Silver Linings Playbook, alongside Bradley Cooper, you'd think that kind of fame would go to her head. However, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly she tells it as it is.

"I'm so aware of all the b.s. that surrounds Hollywood," she says, "and how everyone gets on this high horse and thinks that they're curing cancer and it makes me so uncomfortable every time I see it. So I go in the exact opposite direction and end up saying something like 'I'm pregnant!' when I'm in two franchises." Just to clarify: Jennifer Lawrence is not pregnant. The exact opposite direction is distinctly endearing in the 22 year old, who's dating Brit Skins star Nicholas Holt.

The new movie, not out until next November, has got itself a new director, swapping Gary Ross for Francis Lawrence. His portfolio is predominantly music videos but he also directed the 2007 Will Smith smash hit I Am Legend, as well as Water for Elephants in 2011. Apparently, the transition was difficult for Jennifer Lawrence's co-star and on-screen mentor, Woody Harrelson who plays Haymitch in the movie. But Jennifer gets on with everyone and even through a wild party for the cast and crew. Humble, talented and fun? Not bad going. You can catch Catching Fire on November 21st. Until then keep up to date with Contact Music as we fill you in on news and events surrounding the movie.

Plus, here she is in Silver Linings Playbook: